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Moving Tips

movingInterstate moving can be one of the most stressful events a person can go through. In this trying time let Elite Moving and storage provide a helping hand with the TOP 15 MOVING TIPS to make preparing for your move a little easier.

1. Review your estimate for accuracy. Be sure that any inventory information you provided is accurate along with any additional terms of your estimate.

2. It is always best to plan and make your moving arrangements as far in advance as possible.

3. Wherever possible, try to move at times other than the beginning or end of the month, when all movers are busiest.

4. Prepare for your move date. Don't forget to have utilities, newspapers and other scheduled services canceled, obtain necessary records (medical, dental, pet, school, etc.), obtain safety deposited goods in your bank, and a change of address filing thru United States Postal Service

5. Set the day of your move aside. As convenient as it may be, it is not a good idea to schedule your traveling plans for the same day as your move.

6. To avoid additional unwanted packing costs, household goods small enough to fit in a box need to be packed in a box. Boxes that are torn, worn out, old, or falling apart should be replaced. Movers also can not accept small loose items, plastic bags, or trash bags full of goods. Household goods made entirely from fabric such as sofas, matresses, boxsprings, should be covered and sealed with plastic. Common sense is best rule of thumb. If its delicate, it will need special packing. If putting a blanket on it would potentially add to damaging the item, then it will need some other method of packing. Any consumable materials are provided at an additional cost with almost all movers, as well as packing service.

7. Don't forget, large glass items require packing too! Glass table tops, glass shelves, and TVs are all examples of goods that should be wrapped in bubble wrap and covered securely in cardboard for transit.

8. It is always a good idea to make your belongings more identifiable as a group. Put identifying marks on your boxes and goods. For example, use a colored marker to draw an identifying mark (a symbol, your initials, a picture) on 2 opposite sides of all boxes. Another idea is a strip of colored tape or some type of sticker. Make sure what ever you do that it is the same identifying mark or same type and color of sticker on all your goods. You can see in the picture how this customers goods really stand out from the Mickey Mouse stickers and printouts of their Job # and address. Again, this is not necessary but it can only help.

9. Label your boxes by room on the top of the boxes if you would like them delivered to specific rooms upon delivery.

boxes10. Pack boxes full! Empty space in boxes allows items inside to move around which can cause damage. Fill empty spaces with towels, clothes, newspaper, bubble wrap etc.

11. Use generous amounts of packing material inside boxes and bins on the top and bottom to provide a good cushion.

12. Refrigerators and freezers should be defrosted and emptied at least 24 hours prior to move day.

13. Don't leave trays or racks loose in furniture and appliances i.e.-refrigerators, stoves, bookcases, cabinets etc.

14. It is illegal to transport live plants over state lines, doing so may result in the seizure of your property and the delay of your delivery.

15. It is illegal to transport flammable and combustible materials. Do not pack bottles of alcohol, cleaning supplies, or other flammable materials. Propane tanks must be emptied for transport.